Hi, I'm Naomi

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer from the UK, solving problems through creative design, concepts and strategy. I have a background in design, visual arts and digital communications, with aspirations to introduce front end development, UX/UI and Product design into my practice. 

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how iT works...

I work across a variety of creative disciplines so you can choose the best service to suits your needs. You can either choose a one-off service or a package deal that might cover more of what you’re looking for.


A one-off process for a single design need, for example, graphic design work or initial logo development


Package deals might be better for you if you are after multiple services. Follow the chart to see where you best fit in and simply quote the package code that you think best suits you, for example ‘1B’. There is also an option to pick and mix features for further customisation and better rates

For a quote tailored to your business needs, please fill out the form below. If you’d rather, just drop me an email at naomihendersondesigns@gmail.com

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